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Jala Neti

Jala Neti is a simple but effective process of cleansing the nasal passages with salt water using a copper jala neti pot designed by Sadhguru. The process makes breathing easier by helping air enter the lungs unimpeded by mucus and dirt which easily builds up during the day.

“Keeping your sinuses well-balanced and maintaining free movement within them is very important. How do we achieve this? You could do jala neti to reduce the mucus in the system. But this practice has to be properly imparted.”

Benefits :- 

  • Prevents and may helps with respiratory tract diseases like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis. Relieves cold, allergies, sinusitis and kapha-related ailments.

  • Help to calm and activates the nervous system.

  • Helps remove excess mucus and pollutants from nasal passages and sinuses.

  • Helps insomnia, tiredness and improves quality of sleep.

  • Helps with diseases of eyes, nose, throat, tonsillitis, allergic rhinitis, hay fever.

  • Relieves migraine and headaches, anxiety, stress release and brings tranquility.

  • Helps with epilepsy.

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Program fees : 95 € ( JalaNeti Copper Pot included)

Workshop time: 1 hour (1 Session)

  • Practice intensity: Low

  • You will be taught to do the practice regularly at home on your own after the workshop

  • One free revision and correction session after the workshop is included

  • Continuous support for practice.

If this scheulde doesnt suits you, please feel free to contact us and we will customize the program as per your need. :) 

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