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Bhastrika Kriya

Bhastrika Kriya purifies the blood, slows down the breath so that system comes to a relaxed state. The kriya also stabilizes the body and mind.

”A human being breaths 12 to 15 times per minute normally. The number of normal breaths per minutes should come down with the practice of Bhastrika. Bhastrika Kriya is not to be reduced just to a practice. Its a certain possibility that happens within you.”  – Sadhguru

This process is especially beneficial for those suffering from asthma, allergies, sinusitis, diabetes, hormonal imbalances and skin diseases.

Benefits :- 

  • Purifies the blood

  • The number of the breaths come down and lung capacity increases

  • Relaxation of the whole system

  • Helps with symptoms of asthma

  • Reduces allergies

  • Helps with hormonal imbalances

  • Helps relieve sinusitis

  • Helps relieve skin disease

  • Helps with diabetes

If this scheulde doesnt suits you, please feel free to contact us and we will customize the program as per your need. :) 

Purifies the blood. The number of the breaths come down and lung capacity increases. Relaxation of the whole system. Helps with symptoms of asthma and reduces allergies. Helps with hormonal imbalances. Helps relieve sinusitis. Helps relieve skin disease. Helps with diabetes

Program fees : 65€ 

Workshop time: 1 hour (1 Session)

  • Practice intensity: Low

  • You will be taught to do the practice regularly at home on your own after the workshop

  • A free revision and correction session after the workshop is included

  • Continuous support for practice

Prerequisite :  

It is mandatory to complete one of the following programs before you sign-up for Bhastrika Kriya:

  • Surya Kriya

  • Yogasanas

  • Angamardhana

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