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Isha Hatha Yoga Summer Fest- July 2023

15-16 July, Berlin

A human being is like a seed. Either you can keep it as it is, or you can make it grow into a wonderful tree with flowers and fruits. ~ Sadhguru

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Join us for a 2-day Isha Hatha Yoga Weekend Fest in Berlin from 15 July to 16 July.


Learn Surya Kriya, and Bhuta Shuddhi at a discounted rate!

Improve and deepen your Sadhana through review and correction sessions with the full support of experienced Isha Hatha Yoga teachers and establish/re-establish your own daily yoga practice.

You will get free correction and guided yoga sessions after 2 weeks of the workshop.

Attend a FREE Hatha Yoga Introduction session and learn powerful meditation and get a discount on your next workshop. 

Standard Course Fees

1. Intro Session: € 10 take a refund or donate after the session

2. Surya Kriya : € 250

3. Bhuta Shuddhi: € 175  (it includes Bhuta Shuddhi Kit of €112 from the Ashram) 

4. Review & Correction Session: € 70

🔺   Early Bird Discount if booked before 7 July 

Surya Kriya : € 199 (extra discounts for students & couples)

Bhuta Shuddhi: € 160  

Review & Correction Session: € 50
Note: For Booking Pay only € 50, the rest can be paid at the Venue or in installments.

Limited Spots are available, book now ! 


If you want more information please feel free to contact us 

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